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Paula's Place

Saturday, 17 September 2011

A day out

Well I didn’t make it to the National Gallery.   I just spent too much time faffing around and getting myself ready.   I suppose I could have spent less time ironing, and sorting out my wardrobe.   But I have so few occasions to do these things that I had to take the opportunity.   By the time I was ready to go out it was nearly mid day, so I went to a more local venue, the Dulwich Picture Gallery.   For those who don’t know it this was the UK’s first public gallery, with an excellent collection built up over the 200 years it’s been around, for more just follow this link

Eventually I made my decision on what to wear and managed to get myself ready.   After a few experiments I opted for my light green dress, with natural hose, black and white pumps a nice fitted grey jacket.   I felt very good, classy, classic well presented, yes very good.   I had lunch in the gallery restaurant, which was very nice, and it was a joy to be treated like a lady at all times, the staff in both the restaurant and the gallery treated me with friendly respect just like any other visitor.
After the gallery I had a few chores to do, I had to get a replacement cash and carry trade card, pay in at two different banks, and still find time to pop into a couple of shops.   Throughout I never felt as though I was getting any more attention than any other customer would have.   While it is nice to be noticed and appreciated it is also very nice to just blend in.

My last two shop visits were first to a craft shop to buy my wife some scissors, but while I was there I had a look at their jewellery section, and had a thought – erm I find it difficult to find nice clip on ear rings, so lets try making some, more will follow on this.   My last visit was to one of my favourite shops, Matalan, I tried a few shoes on but the only ones I liked I would never have a chance to wear.   Killer heels just are not street wear when you are 5 ft 10 to start with.   I also tried a couple of dresses on, a fairly plan grey one that just didn’t work for me,
and a black and white number that I loved, but feared that it was too short.   I didn’t buy it but would love to go back with someone else who could advise me, that is something I

would love, but can’t see it happening any time soon.

In all I

have to say that it was a very good day, I had a lot of fun, and just enjoyed myself being out and about as Paula.

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