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Paula's Place

Monday, 19 September 2011

Am I bad

Today I went to a friend's funereal, this was not a sad occasion but a real celebration of the man's life.   There were a lot of his friends there, some I knew others I didn't, so often on these occasions you feel as though you are at the funereal of somebody else, not the friend you knew, but today really reflected Chris' life.

Now I have to be honest there is absolutely no trans connection here other than me, I couldn't help but notice how the ladies were dressed.   For men a funereal is generally a simple matter of a dark suit white shirt and black tie.   For ladies it is much more interesting.   One girl in particular caught my attention with a black shirt dress sheer hose and black high heels with a white trim.   Very elegant, very understated, and I have to say very sexy.  

Most days I have to drive past the crematorium at least a couple of times and I often notice the girls going in and out.   Now most men have a dark suit, but I think just about all girls have an LBD and that is often the only black they have so I very often see ladies wearing their short LBD fine hose high heels and looking absolutely stunning.   At one point my musing wandered to the thought of attending a funereal dressed just like those ladies, in my LBD and high heels, in truth I don't think I would do this for anyone other than my trans friends, and I would probably be too sad to enjoy the experience, but this is just another of those many occasions when women's clothing is much more interesting, fun attractive and simply nicer.
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