Paula's Place

Paula's Place

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Skirting the issue

I picked up the skirt I was having altered today. The fit is very good, and I really like the suit, so I'm a happy girl


Well I had a phone call from the lady taking in  the skirt of my new suit today, it's ready to collect so tomorrow I will have to get out and dressed nice and early so I can collect the skirt before starting work.   I only have one job due in the morning before taking my daughter off to buy a new guitar amplifier for her birthday present.

This pretty much explains the complexities of the life of a married family man, who likes to wear women's clothes.   Commitments to work, family friends etc. and somehow the drive to dress has to be satisfied, and kept quiet, ahh my life could have been so much simpler.

Monday, 29 August 2011

Welcome to Paula's Place

Well hello, if anyone is reading this then you are very welcome to my new blog.   I am not particularly sure why anyone would want to read about my thoughts and adventures in cross dressing, but if you feel the inclination this where I shall be recording them.

First off a little about me, I go by the name of Paula, I am what may politely be described as "a certain age" and have only recently started to stray  out of the closet as a cross dresser.   I enjoy outings - that is going out - but lack many opportunities or occasions when I can. My wife is the only close family member or friend who knows about Paula and she is very keen to keep it that way.   Rather than wallow in self pity about what I can't do I hope to celebrate the occasions I can go out and enjoy sharing the adventures that I do have.

As a starter this is an item I posted in a forum I am a member of recently, I hope this will be sort of typical;-

"I was out and about the other day, I was looking in all the charity shops trying to find some flat casual shoes to wear with skinny jeans, so anyway I bought this really nice lime green , not too short just above the knees with a little slit at the back, that means I need a jacket to go with the dress, I find one in my size that is a perfect match, but the arms are too long (Long Tall Sally) but the grey pin stripe skirt suit next to it something I have been after for ages, the only trouble is that I only have white or black blouses and that would be a bit boring so then I pick up this lovely lilac cotton blouse, which is just perfect with the suit....

I now find that the skirt on the suit so much too large that I can take it on or off with out undoing it. If I just double up the waist band and use a belt it doesn't hang right, and I like the suit so much that I am determined to have it altered, which means going to a tailors and having the work done, being measured and all that. My mad sudden spree could end up with another new experience, in the mean time I still want some shoes to wear with my skinny jeans - either that or I will just wear dresses, or suits, or maybe a skirt and blouse.........."

I have taken the skirt in to be altered and should be picking it up on Wednesday, hopefully I will have something to report then and maybe a photo as well, today's is from my personal archive just to show you how I look.