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Paula's Place

Monday, 24 October 2016

Hi Honey, I'm Home

I have been wondering a lot about this post, what to call it? whether to make? indeed whether to continue (or should that be return to?) with the Blog at all?   It is quite a long time since I made any substantial posts and although I have been missing Blogging, and the friends I have made through Paula's Place I have been struggling with both time and enthusiasm.   I see that it is five weeks since my last post, and I know that at that point I had every intention of carrying on.

Well I do have an idea for a series of posts, and there are many thoughts and observations I want to share with you all so I think I shall be continuing, I just hope that my meanderings will be sufficiently interesting to reclaim my readers, and maybe even attract a few new ones.

So why the hiatus? As I have mentioned before lots of things became rather an effort this summer.   I am now convinced that much of this is down to the changes that hormone treatment is having on my body.   I also suspect that the whole thing around moving had an impact.   It came as a big surprise the other day when it was pointed out to me that I have been in my new flat for a whole year now.   After an initial flurry of activity I find I have done very little to make my life more comfortable or the flat reflect my personality more.   Sure when  moved in I used all of my money just to get in, and the Spring, Summer and Autumn are the busy time of my year with only winter allowing me more time, but I could have done a lot more, I just, sort of, got used to things.

So basically I'm saying that a combination of tiredness, lethargy, inertia and other commitments have stopped me doing much.   But on the other hand there is a lot I have done.   Including getting the closest to a secure financial position I have been in for years!    I have a holiday booked (my first since one week in November 2014) and am planning another for next spring, I have a little money due to me and I will be assigning some of that to getting the flat in order.

So for now I will simply say watch this space, I don't promise anything beyond the ramblings of a slightly odd middle aged woman living on her own, but that in itself is quite a change from where I started!