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A response to the Forum

This is a copy of a post I am putting up on a forum I have been part of for some time, in may not make much sense to anyone who has not read all the exchanges, I just want to make sure that this response is available somewhere to anyone who may be interested.
It is with much sadness that I find I must write this post.   For several years now I have participated in this forum and had thought that here I had found a place of acceptance, where diversity and individual freedoms where celebrated, where acceptance of the individual was more important than conforming with handed down feelings.  I now find that I was wrong.   Apparently any acceptance is only notional in as much as it is only available to those who conform to the ideologies of the group, the herd instincts.   Just as in the rest of society those who do not conform, those who call out when they perceive a wrong just are pilloried and harangued.   It is hard to understand how we can seek acceptance for our gender issues when we cannot even allow, never mind try to understand points of view that are different to our own on other issues.
Personally I firmly believe that it is such things as the honouring of a flag (or indeed any other symbol) that leads to intolerance of those who don’t, at best  this in turn this leads to suppression and marginalisation. I feel that it is important to understand that it is campaigners, politicians and activists who have given the vote to Black people, to women, and to workers, it is important to understand that it is journalists, authors and polemicists who have ensured freedom of speech, it is lawyers, union activists and writers who have ensured freedom of speech for some of us, and it is in all cases the politician, the rebel and the revolutionary who has given us the right to  vote, democracy is a privilege hard fought for, but not solely on the battle field.

The armed forces of any country do the bidding of those in power,  that is the nature of armed forces.   There are occasions when the national interests of a nation conflict with those of another nation, that is normal but not necessarily moral.   As an example in the first Gulf war the USA supported Sadam Husain’s regime against Iran. I will not say this was wrong, but it is not consistent with the latter invasion of Iraq. 

That of all places this forum should become a place of base insult to whole nations in order to belittle the views of one member is intolerable, that it is those who seek acceptance for their own variation on society’s expectations who are themselves so intolerant is staggering.

It is particularly painful to me that those who have lead this vindictive and ill-informed assault are those that I had considered to be friends.  The betrayal hurts all the more when it is those that we would least expect to wield the dagger “Et tu Brutiae”.  

I have to say that I have yet to meet an individual  American who I did not like, yet collectively citizens of the USA can often come across as arrogant and  opinionated.   The deliberate insults to most of the rest of the world on this forum is a case in point, those involved not even bothering to get the name of the country being insulted right!   Personally I have been saddened by these exchanges but I feel my views have been vindicated by the responses;  I just hope that by actually reading these exchanges members will understand  the outcome and will lead to the majority understanding that the minority may just have a point, but at the very least the right to express it!
In the best tradition of British Parliamentary practice (the original source of modern democracy) this is a statement by a member, I do no seek and will not read any responses, this is not a matter for debate it is a statement of opinion, an opinion based on factual evidence, on the responses to my initial post, and most of all on history, an authority we ignore or misinterpret at our peril.

It is my current intention to withdraw from this forum, given that the current antipathy towards me has now progressed from my views  to me personally I find that it is no longer tenable to stay a member of this group.

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