Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Fiction Mania?

When we can't actively indulge ourselves in our "hobby" we will often read about those do.   We will read blogs, look at pictures and explore all sorts of avenues that are best left unexplored.   That is the nature of any interest subverted, oppressed, and sidelined by society.   There is a lot of what could loosely be called transgendered fiction out there in Internet land, a lot of it (possibly the best of it) is on the Fictionmania web site.   However it does seem to me that most of it is pretty formulaic, it all seems to be written in the first person and there are basically only three story lines,
  1. Boy is caught dressing in his sisters / girl friends / neighbours clothes and as a punishment is forced to wear more of their clothes and go into feminine situations resulting in a sexual encounter.
  2. Boy is forced into a situation where he has to dress up as a girl against his will and then ends up in situations where he can't admit that he's really a boy, resulting in a sexual encounter.
  3. Boy is forced by dominant female to be subservient, part of the process involves him dressing in a feminine manner, resulting in a sexual encounter.
forgive me if I have missed anything but it seems to me that most of what I read falls into one or the other of these categories.    Some are very well written short stories, some crudely recount a sexual fantasy, I have yet to read one that would attract, or hold the attention of a reader who did not have a special interest.   I long to see a peace of fiction that gives a realistic, positive, portrayal of what it is really like to be a cross dresser.   I remember an interesting play on BBC Radio 4 a while back that started off very promisingly, but ended up with the cross dresser a rapist and a murderer.   Where are the stories about mature men who choose to occasionally present as women, and do ordinary things.   I know that for a story to hold interest something extraordinary needs to happen (except of course in Joseph Hellers "Something Happened"), but does it have to be of either a sexual or a violent nature.

I have the beginnings of a story written, but have stalled as it keeps creeping into one of my own fantasies, and this I want to avoid.   If any of you have some thing you think is worth reading please, please send it to me and I will put it up here (as long as it conforms to the site rules, no sex, nothing nasty all suitable for the office or under 18s).   In the mean time I will revisit my own writing and see if I can bring the story to a conclusion that does not involve any of these three areas of fantasy.
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